Hay Saver ( Farm Feeder)

Product Description

Hay Saver, Feed cover

Reduce wastage of precious hay from horses spreading it, trampling it, pooing/ weeing in it and weather damage. The cover will reduce labour time and money.

Protect your hay from the elements  keeping the hay fresher, clearer with good air-flow and light. 

Covers are made out of UV Stabilized recycled Polyethylene. Feeding windows can be custom designed for your needs. For extra stability the internal lip has 4, 10mm  holes so the cover can be pegged to the ground.

Covers come in 2 sizes Height 1840 mm x 1800 mm Diameter or Height 1365 x 1800 Diameter.

Please email for delivery cost which depends on address. 

Available in 5 colours Beige, Grey, Blue, Mist or Dark Green  




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