Ferrari Trifecta

Product Description

Saddle Rack, Grooming / Tack Tray and most importantly a Mounting Block

 Yes 3 in 1. The most versatile portable product on the market and an absolutely must have.

 1st Saddle Rack

The Ferrari Trifecta fits easily into the back seat, car boot or float.Your Valuable saddle will fit perfectly on top of the Ferrari Trifecta, that way the shape is protected and cannot be compromised.

 2nd Grooming Tray

Pack your tack into the grooming tray provided and slide tray into the caddy storage area.

 3rd Mounting Block

Once you have arrived at your destination and you have saddled up The Ferrari Trifecta turns into a Mounting Block. The Ferrari Mounting Block should be used every time you mount your horse. This will reduce the strain on the horse’s back and help maintain the riders balance and stops the expensive stirrup leather being stretched.It can also be used to carry your brushes from ring to ring plus be used as a seat while you wait for your class or for your strapper to sit on. It is also perfect for those quick saddle changes.

The Ferrari Trifecta has handles on both ends and 2 anti-slip steps.

Very stable and sturdy, UV stabilized with no sharp edges.

Weights 6kg, 45cm high x 43cm wide x 54cm long.

Weight rate 130kgs


Colours:- Green, Orange, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple and White.


Comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty




Blue out of stock
Black out of stock

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