About Ferrari Jumps


We first started selling our Ferrari Jump Starts about 15 years ago. The Jump Start was designed by Ron Ferrari. Ron has ridden horses all his life and has been involved with Pony Club for the last 25 years, he is a life member of the Macedon Pony Club after being President for 9 years and a committee member and instructor for the rest of the time.

Ron saw a need, for an easy to move and a versatile jump that could be used instead of wings which would allow instructors to create different jumps without requiring a setup crew to move the jumps.

The Ferrari Jump Start was first sold and still is by Saddleworld, Horseland and other independent Stores.

We added a range of products to complement the Ferrari Jump Start and Suzie Ferrari started Ferrari Innovations to market our products to a huge range of Customers.

Suzie brought to the Company, a professional approach to marketing the range of products and within the first year we were selling to every State in Australia as well as New Zealand. Suzie has had a vast experience in the horse Industry and continues to this day to look for improvements in our products and our Marketing techniques.

Ron is still designing products and some of the smaller items such as Ferrari Boot holder, Ferrari Cones, Ferrari tool carriers, Ferrari buckets, Ferrari tracking and jump cups and Ferrari Caveletti’s.

Ron has had over 30 years’ experience in the Plastic Industry and this is one of the main reasons we guarantee everything we sell. Ron knows how to design a product that will last and what materials to use to produce a quality product for the Australian climate.

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